Moving is Messy

Moving is messy. I expected it.  Yet at moments I’m still surprised by it.  And that, ladies and gentlemen,  may be the very reason God allowed my surroundings to spring forth from nearly every pipe, floor and as of recent my gas tank (which, if you ever need a gas tank replaced check the junk yard C&W in Sturgeon Bay,WI for a good price and jolly service!)

I gave myself permission to take up to three years to settle in.  About half way through I began to feel a sense of urgency to dig in deeper…… yet, I was unsure how or what that meant.  Well, cue the flood.  In some inconvenient ways water has dampened my spirits.  However in ways unexpected it became a flood of blessing.  Im choosing (at times minute by minute) to look to God’s word on the floodgates that were opened to pour out blessings vs the other flood reference that would put me smack dab in a big ol stinky boat.

From day one when the Uhaul arrived at 8th Place I wanted to invite everyone inside our fishbowl to see how the Rev and his family live.  As life went on and things got really messy we kept pushing our open house back.

Moving is messy but the Janitor of all janitors came in and scrubbed away the corners inside me that needed a little shine.  He didn’t let me set sail in an ark of stink……..even though there were times I felt like I had one foot planted firmly in the boat with just a toe teetering on dry land.  One night, while we were “displaced” and living in the local Best Western, it struck me that waiting until “everything was in order” was not gonna happen.  God didn’t allow Mary and Joseph to “wait’ until a room opened up in the Inn.  Nope! Jesus came in stable, which just so happens to resemble our bare bones kitchen currently. No facades. God called James (and I) to be real life living sermon illustrations. Lucky you …… you can learn from our mistakes

We opened up our house on pretty short notice and invited everyone and anyone in.  We now daily walk on our #subfloorscripture created by you.  The night of our open house I sat surrounded by a visual of the blessings brought on by God’s floodgate swinging open. I could of missed out had I set sail.

Although I feel we are cleaning up nicely from the previous move, we are still messy. We are human after all.

Dare I say……..Im hoping our next Godly lesson comes in a drier fashion.


Enjoy a small sample of our #subfloorscripture